Manhattan Beach Real Estate – Neighborhoods

the strand beach neighborhood Manhattan Beach Strand Homes:

The Manhattan Beach Strand is a small beachfront section of Manhattan Beach real estate that contains some of the most expensive Manhattan Beach homes for sale available in the Manhattan Beach real estate marketplace and certainly some of highest end luxury beach homes available in comparison to almost anywhere else in California. To own a Manhattan Beach home on the Strand represents one of the most prestigious addresses to call home anywhere in Southern California.  With Manhattan Beach oceanfront lots being so valuable and beachfront land in Manhattan Beach being so scarce, Manhattan Beach luxury homes in this area are in general built on narrow lots averaging approximately 25 feet of Manhattan Beachfront property that run parallel to the coast. Newer Manhattan Beach homes on the Strand are usually 3 stories high due to the smaller lot size with relatively narrow frontage warrantying Manhattan Beach home owners to build vertically to gain additional square footage.
From the higher stories and rooftop decks of Manhattan Beach Strand homes, owners enjoy unobstructed panoramic white water ocean views in many cases stretching from the Palos Verdes peninsula right up to Point Dume in Malibu and on clear days Catalina Island can be seen in the distance. The Strand itself is a favorite Manhattan Beach recreational attraction, having a walking path right in front of the Strand Homes and a path designated for bicyclists and roller-bladers a bit closer to the beach.  Manhattan Beach’s healthy and active lifestyle is evident here with lots of cyclists, roller-bladers, walkers and joggers, and surfers finding their way down to the best waves. 

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The Manhattan Beach homes for sale on “The Strand” represent the upper end of Manhattan Beach luxury real estate and some of the highest priced beachfront real estate in Southern California. Prices of Manhattan Beach homes on the Strand can range from three to four million for a basic tear-down representing the lower end of lot values here on the smallest lot to 20+ million for the newest largest homes on double lots. The Manhattan Beach Strand lot sizes are in general very small but still very valuable due to the unobstructed views and beachfront location. The more expensive Strand properties are combined adjacent lots commonly referred to as “double lots”. Many of the homes were original 1920's Bungalows and a few actually still exist in their original condition but most have been torn down and replaced with more modern and contemporary Manhattan Beach houses.  

walk street neighborhoods Manhattan Beach Walk Street Homes:

The Manhattan Beach homes for sale available on the Walk Streets are highly sought after and for good reason.  These Manhattan Beach walk-street homes offer a lot of the oceanfront views available on the Manhattan Beach Strand homes, however with significantly more privacy and less pedestrian traffic.  Additionally, since these Manhattan Beach homes on walk streets have one side of the home facing a pedestrian walk street versus a traditional street, they tend to enjoy less traffic noise as well.  The streets within Manhattan Beach real estate which contain Manhattan Beach homes on “walk streets” include the following streets:

2nd Street 7th Street 16th Street 25rd Street
3rd Street 8th Street 18th Street 29th Street
4th Street 10th Street 19th Street 30st Street
5th Street 11th Street 20th Street 31st Street
6th Street 13th Street 24th Street 32nd Street
The Manhattan Beach homes on walk streets consist of smaller Manhattan Beach cottage / Manhattan Beach bungalow type homes.  However, many formerly modest Manhattan Beach walk-street homes have been redeveloped into very high end contemporary luxury Manhattan Beach homes as well. These Manhattan Beach properties usually have front fenced yards allowing some outdoor areas for owners of Manhattan Beach walk street homes to garden and enjoy some private outdoor living. The pedestrian only walkways which are like extra wide sidewalks between the Manhattan Beach homes do not allow car traffic and are used mostly as a pedestrian walking path to Manhattan Beach. The garages are situated behind the Manhattan Beach walk-street homes.  Manhattan Beach homes for sale on walk-streets offer a great alternative and more Manhattan Beach house for the money than the Manhattan Beachfront homes on the “The Strand”.

Manhattan Beach El Porto Homes:

The Manhattan Beach homes for sale in El Porto are located in the northern most end of Manhattan Beach real estate and these Manhattan Beach properties border on El Segundo to the North. El Porto has the reputation of having the best and most consistent surf in all of Manhattan Beach so many of the residents of El Porto enjoy walking to some of the best surf in all of the South Bay.  The Manhattan Beach Homes here are built on hilly terrain and therefore most Manhattan Beach homes in this area have stunning ocean views.  The El Porto homes for sale contain a large concentration of Manhattan Beach income properties and since not all Manhattan Beach homes here have enough parking for each resident, parking here can be a challenge in comparison to other areas of Manhattan Beach real estate unless the Manhattan Beach home for sale you are considering has ample parking which adds
considerable value to any Manhattan Beach home for sale. A significant advantage of El Porto homes for sale over other homes for sale in Manhattan Beach is its close proximity to Rosecrans providing direct access to the 405 freeway, its close access to LAX, and its direct access to Marina del Rey or Santa Monica beyond, via the very scenic “Vista del Mar” road which is available and immediately adjacent to El Porto.  This access road to other beach communities further North is rarely crowded.

Manhattan Beach Tree Section Homes:

The Manhattan Beach Tree Section homes are very popular and this is a well known and established neighborhood North of Rosecrans and West of Sepulveda Blvd. As the name of this area would denote, the streets are named after popular trees which are abundant in this area such as Walnut, Elm, Pine, and Oak.  The Manhattan Beach homes for sale here are lined with many trees and feel less built right on top of each other giving the area a rural and more suburban feel with less of Manhattan Beach city traffic. Manhattan Beach lots in this area are typically 40 x 110+ feet so significantly larger than the Strand beachfront lots and many of the Manhattan Beach lots closer to the ocean. This area has been a very active area for Manhattan Beach builders and developers alike as the Manhattan Beach homes for sale in the Tree section are highly sought after and desirable for young families with less traffic and congestion and a more suburban “wooded” feel. Manhattan Beach home prices in this area can be as little as $900,000 for a “tear down” representing merely lot value or higher than $2.5 million for a newer and substantially sizable home.
The trees and vegetation in this area is among the most dense and prolific of all the Manhattan Beach real estate areas and are blooming and colorful throughout the year.  Whilst the Manhattan Beach homes for sale in the Tree Section enjoy larger lots, less traffic, noise and congestion and more trees, they do not enjoy the ocean views and closer proximity to the beach that some of the other Manhattan Beach neighborhoods do but this neighborhood is still in walking distance to the beach and to many of Manhattan Beach’s restaurants, bars and boutique shops.

Manhattan Beach Hill Section Homes:

The Manhattan Beach Hill Section Homes reside in the area South of Manhattan Beach Blvd, West of Sepulveda and East of Valley Drive. The Manhattan Beach Hill section contains the second highest priced Manhattan Beach homes for sale in the Manhattan Beach real estate market, second only to the Strand. Most Manhattan Beach properties in the Hill Section have panoramic ocean views due to the significant elevation enjoyed by Manhattan Beach Hill Section Homes in comparison to other Manhattan Beach homes. Newer Manhattan Beach homes are built on larger Manhattan Beach lots in the Hill Section. The lots in this area are among the largest of all Manhattan Beach ocean view lots, typically between 5,000 to 8,000 square feet allowing for larger homes and yards with pools. Parking in the Manhattan Beach hill section is easy in comparison to other areas of Manhattan Beach real estate and like the Manhattan BeachTree Section, there is less city traffic, noise and congestion within this Manhattan Beach neighborhood.
The Manhattan Beach homes in the Hill Section are also highly sought after as they are easily accessed from greater Los Angeles, and extremely close to LAX and the 405. Prices range up to 3 million dollars and higher for the nicest homes in this neighborhood.

sand section neighborhood Manhattan Beach Sand Section Homes:

The Manhattan Beach Sand Section includes the Manhattan Beach houses between the beach and the Valley /Ardmore streets. “The Strand” is a subsection of the “Sand Section” which spans the entire beachfront area fronting the Strand of Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach homes in this area are all within walking distance to the beach and are therefore valuable as a result of the close proximity to Manhattan Beach’s extraordinary beachfront. The Manhattan Beach Sands Section area contains Single family Homes as well as small apartment buildings, townhomes, etc. and this area is higher density, and gets more beach and city traffic as a result of its close proximity to the highly sought after Manhattan Beach, especially on weekends and during the Summer months when more tourists and greater LA residents escape the heat to come down to idyllic, Manhattan Beach.  Given the mix of Manhattan Beach properties in his area ranging from brand new Manhattan Beach homes on the Strand to older dated apartment buildings that are “tear downs”, the values within this area are all over the map.  All Manhattan Beach homes for sale in this area, however have one thing in common, that being walking distance to surfing, beach volleyball, or a leisurely walk on Los Angeles’ nicest beach.

mira costa neighborhood Manhattan Beach Mira Costa Homes:

The Mira Costa homes for sale are located East of Sepulveda Boulevard , West of Aviation Boulevard , South of Manhattan Beach Blvd and North of Artesia Boulevard.
As the name would indicate, Mira Costa High School is located in the heart of this neighborhood on Artesia Boulevard and Meadows Avenue.

The topography is mainly flat and most of the homes in the Mira Costa area are regular rectangular lots predominately 50 x 150 feet  which allow for larger homes with yards.  Being East of Sepulveda and therefore a bit farther removed from the beach the cost per square foot of Manhattan Beach homes for sale in this area is generally less than the neighborhoods in closer proximity to the beach.

The Mansion Area within Mira Costa, however contains lots with sizes up to a half of an acre and above and has some of the largest Manhattan Beach homes available.


manhatan village neighborhood Manhattan Beach Manhattan Village Homes:

Manhattan Beach Village homes are within a master planned gated community consisting of over five hundred homes located just east of Sepulveda Boulevard and behind the Manhattan Beach Village Shopping Mall and North of Marine Avenue and South of Rosecrans Blvd. Within this gated community there are Manhattan Beach townhomes for sale, as well as Manhattan Beach “estate homes” for sale which are detached single family Manhattan Beach homes.  Being a master planned development purposefully built by a single developer, there are a variety of estate home and townhome designs to choose from. Manhattan Beach townhomes for sale range from approximately 1500 to 2000+ square feet. The Manhattan Beach single family homes range up to 3200 square feet on lots as large as 7500 square feet. A lushly landscaped environment exists with tropical landscaping abundant within
this Manhattan Beach gated community. Some of the amenities that make this community popular include a small park, and swimming pools and Jacuzzis common and available to all owners of Manhattan Beach properties within this compound. This Manhattan Beach community  is safe and secure.  The neighborhood is gated and guarded by 24 hour security and surveylance that are situated at all entries into and out of this neighborhood. The Manhattan Village neighborhood is also adjacent to a nine-hole golf course.  For those that value security and common resort like amenities, close proximity to shopping at the Manhattan Beach Village Mall, whilst still a short car ride or bike ride to the beach, the Manhattan Beach homes for sale within Manhattan Beach Village are a great option.

Manhattan Beach Manhattan Heights Homes:

Manhattan Heights neighborhood within Manhattan Beach encompasses a significant area of Manhattan Beach homes for sale situated West of Liberty village and East of Sepulveda Blvd.
Manhattan Heights is a sought after neighborhood for developers and builders of Manhattan Beach homes for sale for many reasons. The Manhattan Beach lots for sale in Manhattan Heights are in general of significant size, often bigger than 7000 square feet, and the Manhattan Beach lots for sale are flatter than other Manhattan Beach lots for sale as well. Flatter and larger lots provides Manhattan Beach builders and Manhattan Beach developers a lot of flexibility to develop larger Manhattan Beach homes for sale with larger yards. Most of the Manhattan Beach homes for sale are either smaller homes developed in the late 40s to 50s or newer Manhattan Beach homes built on Manhattan Beach lots within Manhattan Heights after tearing down and  demolishing the original Manhattan Beach homes. The Manhattan Beach homes for sale in Manhattan Heights can be larger than 4500 square feet and often have larger yards with pools than other Manhattan Beach homes for sale.  Given Manhattan Heights proximity being a bit farther away from the beach, buyers of Manhattan beach houses for sale here can expect a larger home and yard for their money.


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